Green Cameroon Home Football Shirt 2018-19

After several months’ waiting, Puma has unveiled the brand-new Cameroon football shirts for all footballers of Cameroon national football team. Many customers have asked when we will source the latest Cameroon home football shirt. Now, it’s time for all customers and football fans of Cameroon national football team to get the new Cameroon football shirts. In addition to the football shirts of Cameroon side, many other new football shirts of national football teams also could be found from our selection.

Our sports outlet is dedicated to football clothes and other related products. The secret of our high-quality and low-cost football kits lies in that all products are delivered from manufacturer directly. So, many unnecessary costs are cut and we also take pains to offer cheap football shirts for all customers. In addition, we also provide customized services to all customers when needed. Customers could designate the preferred numbers and names, so that we could create a unique football shirts or football shorts for you. Then, some could pledge their allegiance to their favorite football teams.

Before introducing the green new Cameroon football shirt, some obvious characteristics are as follows:

Round collar

Green base color

Red and yellow accents

Yellow Puma logo and team crest

Raglan Sleeves

Roaring lion head pattern

100% polyester

dryCELL moisture management

Puma has contributed to create a work of arts in the design of the Cameroon 2017/19 home jersey. In order to celebrate the 20 years partnership between Cameroon football team and Puma, the brand-new Cameroon home football shirt is predominately green. A roaring lion’s head is the most stand-out pattern printed on the front. Certainly, the lion is also the symbol of Cameroon. A yellow team crest depicting lion is printed on the left chest, with a yellow Puma cat in the center.

The exquisite design of the new Cameroon football shirt will incent football fans to purchase the shirt. However, there are more reasons for you to get it. Incorporating DryCELL technology, the jersey is made from 100% polyester. In the manufacturing of the green Cameroon football shirt, the specific technology is used to improve the comfort and its performance. For the sake of faster evaporation of perspiration from the surface of your skin, you will feel comfortable and look good when playing football in the football shirt.

In addition, the raglan sleeves will bring you more comfort than traditional design of football shirts. The round collar is outlined by yellow and red stripes, pledging allegiance to their football playing history.

Please contact our customer service staff if there is any doubt. After we receive your E-mail, we will reply you as soon as possible. After shopping around, many customers will choose to place their order, because of high-quality football shirts from our selection are also sold at lower prices. Please place your order without hesitation. Do not miss the great opportunity to get your favorite football shirts. We will meet all needs of customers as much as possible.

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